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13 Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate

Hello Mermaid Junkies,

How are you? As many of you, that follow my blog, are subscribers to my youtube channel and social media know I’ve begun to take this blog in the direction that is more precisely focused on my mission in life and many of the new intentions that I’ve set for my business’ future.

I’m quite excited about all the wonderful manifestations that are presenting themselves to me, and it makes me joyful.

To make a splash for the new year of 2017, I’ve decided that I will dedicate each week of the year to a specific topic, always keeping with the flow of spirituality… Mind-Body-Spirit…

I had such a wave of activity on my youtube channel with regards to my soul mate video that I thought I’d start the year out with some great posts, affirmations, and video all about soul mates and of course LOVE!

If you don’t know my soulmate ‘tale’ as of yet, here’s my list of 13 signs that I met my soulmate and below I embedded my youtube video in case you may want to watch it instead. 

  • You feel really safe with your soulmate, share all secrets with them.
  • You recognize them in a family member.
  • You have an innate sense that you have known them in another lifetime, and It’s because you have.
  • There are uncanny connections between major dates, such as births, meetings, etc.
  • You’ve had cryptic dreams about them prior to a meeting.
  • You may have met them before when you were younger, or perhaps spending time with them but never actually met.
  • You recognize something in their eyes. You have seen those eyes before.
  • You have a sense of what they’re feeling, thinking without them indicating anything to you.
  • More than just a feeling. It’s an inner gut that permeates especially when you’re away from each other. You long to be with them.
  • Have intense chemistry. When you’re together it feels as though you were just together as though you’ve never been apart.
  • They are home to you.
  • It’s as if you are two beings but your soul split. This is when you are soul mates and twin flames.
  • Can never see yourself with another person.

If you think about soul mates or ever wonder about them, that means that you have one out there.

Yours til my next swim, R




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  1. What is your soul mates zodiac sign . mind I ask . I believe you said your a pisces.im a Virgo Just wondering because everything you say is relatable to me .how in one article you wrote you wrote BG beloved gardener but the guy im into well His initials are BG he resembles a past someone I feel like I’ve known him forever little dates how you say and more too but so ironically my name is Raquel . I go by rachel oneil but my real name is Raquel Salyer idk so much relatable things just want to know your jeffreys zodiac sign since BG my one I believe ❤⚓❤ well he is a pisces like u. So if u can let me know your so interesting and im definitely gonna become a huge fan. Swim my way @ Raquel_salyer@yahoo chow

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