Raquel English

A Lovely December

Good Morning Shoal family and Mermaid Junkies,

It’s been a bit of time, hasn’t it? How have you been? It’s been quite a whirlwind of a summer, fall and now winter… I am reminded on my morning walks or mid-afternoon strolls of all the bustling children back at school.

I remember those days with my dearest littles.

I have spent the last few months or so, dwelling at ‘Staffordshire Cottage’ cleaning, rearranging the few little antiques that I’ve come upon and several that my parents have sent along my way. I do love the old furniture that my parents have at Carter’s Cottage. Oh my, they’re splendid indeed.

I’ve also been painting quite a bit. I do enjoy being able to stay home as a full-time artist and make videos for my Youtube channel. I am living my dream. It’s actually come true.

I’m so appreciative that my BG has encouraged me to live my dream, and paint. It has been quite rewarding. To be able to contribute to our household expenses, makes me feel super bubbly inside.

Here’s a few of my latest little pieces.


This was a beautiful little depiction of an adoption story. I had so much fun painting the little girl and the stork above.


Here’s how my little paintings go out to post for their new homes. I infuse the paper with essential oil notes and burn the edges as if they’re an old pirate ship. I accompany each painting with a little shell that I have personally beachcombed throughout the years.


This is a little painting about soul mates. I love the heart around them. It reminds me of Tasha Tudor. She always painted wreaths of sorts around her little artwork.


This is my BG, Oliver and myself. It’s our Christmas holiday card. For those of you who received one, I’m sure you recognized it.






I also spend most of my days with Mr. Oliver Twist. I even took him on a tiny field trip to my dear parents for the day. My mother had been hoping to meet him for quite some time. She tended to him while I spent time with my father working on a few woodworking projects I had wanted to make for Staffordshire Cottage.

It’s now the beautiful month of December and I’m wishing upon the dreamy stars for a snippet of cold weather very soon. I miss all my layers of lovely winter clothing.

Thank you for ‘wading’ around. I know it’s been a long while since I posted. I have been modifying several procedures in my company and I’ve had to learn  a lot more about computers.

I promise to post more often and start embedding my youtube videos as well.

Have a lovely evening.

Yours til my next swim,Rac






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