Raquel English

A Splendid Few Weeks

I wish I could verbally express how much I have been enjoying my wonderful little life here on the coastal waters, especially these past few weeks. The little chickadees at the general store have given the gardener and I reminders of days past and that confidently we belong in a lovely little Victorian cottage tending chickens, growing and harvesting vegetables and heirloom flowers from Europe just steps away from the roaring ocean waves,  and nurturing little mischievous rabbits sitting below my feet as I write and illustrate my children’s storybooks.

I will begin volunteering at a lovely historic structure in my hometown. It’s sure to please me as I learn the exciting things about the historical grounds and rest in the beauty of serving my local community. I have a certification in historical restoration with a specificity on Victorian and the Arts and Crafts era. I really get quite capricious over such things.

On my way to volunteer, I often stop by my favorite little tea room, The Tilted Teacup, as they serve everything fresh daily… from petit fours, scones with Devonshire, lovely victorian teas and lemon curd scones with cream or a crisp cucumber salad. I almost never leave without the receipts of something there, whether it’s a special tea selection or a soft Pima cotton Victorian scarf.

It’s the loveliest of memories and I could not be happier to support my local establishments as a patron. They have delightful events year around which include Jane Austen’s Christmas Affair, horse, and carriage rides or a Downton Abbey Christmas, to name a few. I’m still very ambitious about them creating a ghost walk. They have never thought of such, but when I lived in Oklahoma they had such a thing and I was beside myself in the thought of ghostlings, tales of witchery and haunted buildings.

Mr. Oliver Twist has become very thumpity thump in his adventures around the cottage. I still have to protect him from predators as we have very large beastie dogs next door, so I made Oliver a darling velvet leash that I put around his neck, loosely but also so he can hop around as he sees fit. I just keep a keen eye on him at all times. He really loves the sunshine on him and enjoys digging profusely beneath the heirloom Cherokee tomato bushes. It very much reminds me of having little ones again, as they must always be looked after, or else they can get into mischevious predicaments instantly.

This weekend will be farmers markets, the flea market to find a beautiful quartz stone, planting more seeds of vegetables and sunflowers in our garden, lawn care, and a wonderful movie, probably Jane Eyre (because we can never watch it enough) as I paint beneath the soft sounds of flickering candlelight and a glass of sweet red wine with my Beloved Gardener.

May your weekend be as exquisite wherever you are.

Yours truly, Raquel




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