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A Vietnam Veterans Journey To Recovery With Essential Oils

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I wanted to share the story of how my Father went from being in constant pain to recovery with essential oils. He suffers from (Arthritis) caused by the shrapnel in the Vietnam War and mentally he was beginning to feel like he was deteriorating, very sad about his lack of mobility, energy and a number of other things. He actually stated to me he was really on the verge of giving up on life… like what was his purpose. He began sleeping all of the time. He also has severe cataracts and terrible vision and that seem to be fading also.

I wanted to have my father try some essential oils, but I wanted to do it in a subtle way so he didn’t feel like his life was being turned upside down.

You probably know what I’m talking about. Someone swims along and tells you they have the remedy that’s going to cure you, or at least make all your ailments go away. And then they list off a gazillion steps and you instantly lose hope again. Why… because no one wants to do fifty things to get results. It’s a proven fact that if you give people too many things to do or ask them to make too many choices, they’ll opt for nothing.

I have been studying {certified} aromatherapy for years, so I decided to make a few unique blend samples for my father and see what he thought.

I’m happy to report that after two weeks he could tell the difference. He’s been using them for months now. He says his eyesight is improving, he can now lift his arms over his shoulders (which he hadn’t done in over two years) and he said to me last week that, “The old Johnny is back!”

dad in army

And that my friends are the exact reasons for why I do what I do.

It fills my  with all the beauty of love that it could possibly hold.

Would you like to feel better with some unique blends made especially for you? I would be happy to help you.

Here’s the best part! I don’t require you to sign up to an MML (multi-marketing level) company and the blends you get are uniquely made for you personally by me. You won’t need 20 different oils for this and for that. I took all the work out of it for you.

Email me: Raquel@RaquelEnglish.com

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