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Are You Lying About Your Emotional Algae?

As a Mermaid at Weeki Wachee, I had the lovely opportunity to enjoy all the beautiful outward appearances of being a performer.

As a mermaid trainee though (before I was officially a mermaid and able to swim in shows) I was designated numerous chores. The chores were given because Mermaids always pulled rank. Mermaids didn’t have to do work or chores, they had earned their ‘fins’ so to speak.

One of my jobs, along with other trainees was to clean all of the glass for the underwater stage, and all the props that were used in the shows. If you know anything about water and the natural cycle of algae you’d know it can start building up very rapidly. The algae had to be cleaned every other day.

dome with manatee

There was a particular area of the river that was on the outskirts part of where the shows were performed called the dome.

dome image Black and white

Vintage image source

Behind the dome lived a giant sea turtle, which has lived in the river for decades. He was massively huge and most of us Mermaids stayed clear of the old turtle. He was known to get super close, and sometimes snap at us.

To say the least, I didn’t like to go near him. I would avoid him at all costs. I didn’t want to be that far out into the seaweed where I wasn’t sure of what lurked hidden beneath that I couldn’t see. Actually there were many times I would lie to my supervisor and say I had cleaned it. Or I would say it wasn’t my assignment; blaming my mer-trainee sisters. As the days would pass and the algae became more out of control, my boss figured out that I had been lying. I then received extra work and had to then do all the underwater cleaning alone for several days.  I didn’t like getting near the dome and now I had to be alone in the river.

underwtaer theatre

In life, we tend to naturally want to fight our pains by lying, lying to others and to ourselves. We try to ignore them, judge them, avoid them or ignore them. What actually starts to happen when doing this is it results in more emotional pain. We also never really learn how to cope with our pains in a healthy way. The algae begins to build up.

When we stay with our emotions and simply refuse to abandon them, that means we simply allow them, not judging them, or resisting the urge to get rid of them, we are then able to move through them at a more rapid pace and in turn heal much quicker.

Almost always, the sea turtle seems scarier that it actually is. Upon further questioning, I later came to understand that the turtle would swim to us because he had been fed bananas for decades and was conditioned to getting fed. His eyesight wasn’t as good as when he was a young turtle, so what appeared as a snap, was just a simple misunderstood gesture from a kind river amniote.

So in conclusion, if we will just be truthful with others and ourselves from the beginning we will avoid the massive emotional pain that is normally brought upon by ourselves because we chose to abandon the self-love necessary to living an authentic life.




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