Raquel English

Being Spiritual Doesn’t Mean You’re Always A Positive Mermaid

Hello Mermaid Junkies,

I think the more I dive deep into the Personal Development/Law of Attraction field, I’ve realized how much of a misconception there is about how we live our lives. That we mostly are void of contrast, constantly riding the waves of excitement, blissed out of our brains, living the fairytale life 24/7.

I know for myself that as Wellness Coach & Spirit junkie, I would categorize myself as one that is the most interested in spirituality BECAUSE I had a difficult life. I think most of us that desire to teach, help and inspire have a deep desire to understand life. What makes us tick, so to speak.

Here’s a prime example of when my life is going along superbly, I’m feeling in alignment most days, and then I go to a family function. Let’s just say, I met with an “all hell broke loose and it got bat shit crazy.”

A family member basically attacked me and my way of life, and I went ballistic. You know what they say about feisty redheads? Well add that into the mix of nutsville, and I was ready for war.

I will clarify that anyone that’s on a spiritual path, knows things are going to happen. I do appreciate the contrast as it is basically my universal report card as to where I am vibrationally. Spirit Junkies, know that it’s important when life lines us up with contrasting events, it’s a great opportunity for us to see where we are.

Being spiritual means we’re still half human 

We need to be kind to ourselves and show ourselves, love. We are all going to make mistakes, say hurtful things and make unkind choices. That’s okay, we aren’t perfect, we are human.

The thing I’ve learned, though, after the waves stop crashing and the seas have calmed, I no longer hold my spirit capture, by beating up on myself. I don’t hold onto guilt, or relive all the things I did or said. I focus on alignment and being my greatest version. I am constantly moving forward. I believe we do this too much to ourselves. It’s like hooking a Mermaid and then holding her captive, instead of realizing you hooked a Mermaid and then giving her a quick release. We’d make things so much more smooth sailing if we can but learn to do this.

We experience contrast as a way to consciously keep us aware of our alignment

I think the one very dominate moment after the run-in with my family member, was that I was at a serious wobble. It’s easy in life when everyone adores us and finds us as the most delightful humans there is to be around. Whereas this feels lovely, it’s not those that are compliant that teach us the most. It’s the ones that challenge us, irritate the piss out of us, that keep us shedding our old scales and growing new skin. We actually need these type of people in our lives to help keep us continually working on our sea legs.

We all are gonna have ebbs and flows. The ocean is gonna pull us under tow, but it’s our work to rise above the surface, regain our breath and align once again with Source.

I hope this served you, and as always I love and adore you!


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