Raquel English

Sea Siren

Hello, beautiful Finloving Friends and welcome to Raquel’s whimsical underwater world!

 Raquel Carter is the founder of Mermaid Junkie Academy.

Mermaid Junkie Academy

is an ongoing personal development programs/workshops

created to inspire the rediscovery of personal alignment, and to follow

one’s own bliss with an emphasis on Mind, Body, and Spirit through Mermaiding.

These unique programs encourage the dreamers to trust their own

 inner guidance system through the Law of Attraction and Love to live joyfully by manifesting their dreams and desires.

Raquel is an Artist living on the coastal waters of Florida 

with her rabbit and Beloved Gardener.

Her ETSY shop is Called RaquelEnglish, where she sells her Mermaidlings & Little Women illustrations.


Raquel spent most of her childhood in the water. In her early teens, she landed her first swimming job as a professional mermaid at a place called Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida. The only place in the world that has live mermaids performing in a real  spring.  She spent years in training and performing in synchronized choreographed underwater ballet shows in the cool, clear spring waters. After her departure from Weeki Wachee Raquel continued to entertain as a mermaid. She started her own little shoal family but never left her life as a Mermaid. She has always had a fascination with water and a lifelong love for Mermaids. “When I’m in the water, it’s like home to me. I can dream in the water and I have such a deep belief within myself that I know all things are possible.”

It’s not every day that you get to become a REAL Weeki Wachee Springs Mermaid.

Once a Mermaid, always a Mermaid.

Raquel’s Mermaid Manifesto:

“A real life Mermaid inspiring love and the imagination to never stop dreaming.”


  •  Raquel is a professional mermaid. Raquel has over 7000 hours of underwater choreographed performances under her fins and over 10,000 hours of freestyle swimming. She has performed in front of live audiences for over 10’s of thousands of people. Raquel has spent over 20 plus years of experience in underwater showcases and live performances.
  • Experienced in maneuvering skills with heavy underwater props, lifts, swimming in darkness, costumes, sequins, lame, neoprene, and dragon silicone tails.
  • Experienced in eating, drinking, and singing underwater.
  • Trained in underwater method acting.
  • Very experienced in open water diving/deep diving/cave diving to 117 feet on one single breath hold while performing underwater ballet in a tail.
  •  Performs and instructed breath from underwater free flowing airlock supply/ buddy breathing.
  • SCUBA certification.
  • CPR certification
  • LifeGuard Certification
  • First Aid
  • Memorization skills for scripts and narration of exotic and natural wildlife animal shows.
  • Has experience with handling and working with exotic and natural habitat animals.
  •  Experienced in underwater photographic/ videography modeling, buoyancy training, diving language, and underwater method acting. She has experience in underwater synchronized swimming and ballet. She enjoys yoga and has been a vegetarian for over 4 years.
  • Raquel has swum with manatees, numerous fish species, turtles, snakes, otters, stingrays, eels, and the occasional alligator.
  • Fully insured and licensed (in process)
  • Breath-hold for over 2 minutes and increases as time passes in the water.


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“My mother took me swimming the way most mothers take their kids to the park.”

-Raquel Carter

book trailer.png

Fire of the Sea Book Trailer

Would you like to see me in action as a real mermaid? Click the link to view.

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Raquel Carter is a design business with a specific focus on creating beautiful spaces based on the psychological aspect of Interior Design with an imaginative spiritual nature. 

Design Psychology Coaching is the deep understanding of the positive impact that environments have on our well-being and overall success. Individuals and their homes are equal partners.
As a Certified Design Psychology Coach, and Interior Designer Raquel loves to advise and consult clients on how to create environments that encourage balance, achievement, positive interaction, and personal wealth. There really is no place like home, especially if that home is a true reflection of the people who live in it, and is their functioning fruitful haven. Raquel truly believes our homes are a large part of our happiness.
Love Notes & Praises:
Raquel refinished the front doors of our home and painted our garage doors to give them a “wood” look. She was great to work with and did an amazing job. I will call her again when I need her services! She is a wonderful person in addition to being a talented worker and artist. Raquel is a conscientious worker and is very fair in her pricing. She is very flexible and talented. I am looking now to find a project for her to do. 🙂
Cindy Gruden-(Wife of Jon Gruden, Former NFL Tampa Bay Bucs Coach)

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The most “FINTASTIC” part? I’ll guide you through the currents…



( The Blog and The Web TV Show)

My blog is where I share all sorts of things like secret treasures and bits and bobs of what swims around in my world.

The two main features of Raquel Carter are the blog and the web tv show (MermaidJunkieTV). When you subscribe for free email updates, you’ll gain access to unique material, that I ONLY SHARE with my Mermaid Junkies and Shoal Family.

Here’s what each “Gadget” is all about:

Through my blog posts, videos, Mermaid Junkie Academy and Retreats (coming soon) you’ll be inspired through a storytelling Mermaids eyes.

If this sounds *FIN*TASTIC to you,

you’ve swum to the RIGHT place!

Mermaid Junkie TV Show, are snippets of video where I inspire love and happiness.


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Raquel has appeared numerous times on the Nationally Syndicated Television Shows, “The Daily Buzz”
and “Good Morning America”
Appeared as the Mermaid in the “Fire of the Sea” book trailer on Vimeo book launch.
 Raquel has appeared as the Mermaid centerfold in an issue of Australian Magazine and local news in Australia.
Mermaids Of Weeki Wachee Calendars, postcards, local newspapers, parades and charity events, and sponsored charity campaigns.
If you’d like to see my resume, tail mail me on my contact page.