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Cabbage and Kale Salad

Good Morning Darlings,

Before I publish this post, please know I tried for over and hour and a half to edit and include the image of all the ingredients. To no avail. I’m just putting it out and will come back to insert the picture… so sorry Mermaid Junkies! Blergggg…

I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s day and that you gave yourself boat loads of self-love. Making time for yourself will affect the way you live and the way you experience life.

Making time for yourself will also affect the way you experience others. When we get into the habit of regular practice {yoga, meditation}, daily self care…well then, I think the world is such a better place.

I’m writing this blog post to encourage you with love and an invitation to take the ‘you time’ you deserve, you need, you want, you desire. So, having said that…

I wanted to get your week started off right with this healthy cabbage & kale recipe, it’s one of my faves and it makes enough to share with all your merfriends. I hope you enjoy…



cabbage and kale

Love, Rock



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