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Emotions On The Yoga Mat

Hello Lovelies,

Today on the yoga mat I had an onset of emotions.

me on the mat

-How many times I have to remind myself to NEVER EVER give up, especially when I really feel like it.

-How I am so full of energy and optimism and then my bi-polar sets in.

-How people challenge me and my beliefs. I want to get angry, defensive and spout off (the redheaded temper comes out), but then I’m reminded those are blessings in disguise. deep descent quote

-How I feel utterly alone and that no one is going to rescue me.

-Then I’m reminded that I am not alone, a Heavenly father loves me and that will suffice.

-I have felt the death of several friendships.

 -I am learning to heal, be kind and gentle with myself.

-As spring has begun I’m reminded all things are new once again.

-I must own my feelings and not play the victim.

-I am a woman with great capabilities and I like myself.

i like myself mirror

-All of these things are being presented as hidden pearls of wisdom.

pearl quote


3 Responses to Emotions On The Yoga Mat

  1. Hoping you realize how special you are! The death of a friendship almost always means life to yourself. I think if a friendship fails it is because it wasn’t encouraging life. I’ve never had so many friends abandon our friendship in my life since moving here. So very many and so very hard. But as I study each abandonment closely – all have two things in common: control and lack of truth. With each person they wanted control of who I am, how I react, and what I do. With each failed friendship there wasn’t room for truth either. Honesty is a must in real friendship – wothout it, why bother?

    I have way fewer friends than before but my life is more happier. Wishing you a very happy Easter and know that God loves you as you are.

    • Hello Lizzy,
      Thank you so much for those encouraging words. Wow! The two things you pointed out were very true. Thank you for taking the time to comment.-I know it’s precious.

  2. I too have lost many friendships over the past few years. Though as summer,spring, winter and fall come and go such is life. Lizzy is so right in her words and truth. Recently a mutual friend sort of indicated that this person missed me and wanted to rekindle our friendship. It’s essential to forgive and move on and sometimes you can gain an even better friendship in the future. Both parties must see that change is necessary for this occur. I have found that I can forgive and feel comfortable in my skin without these negative forces. It is painful but once the season has past you are looking forward to the next one and the next one. My journey is full of seasons and those seasons bring great change, valleys and mountain tops. I have learned from them all.

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