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How To Follow The Flow After Disappointment

Hello Mermaid Junkies,

As a powerful creator and one who lives the Law of Attraction, I think sometimes there are those moments in life where we start to feel disappointment when we aren’t manifesting our desired intentions in what we perceive as a timely manner.

I’ am so excited for my latest contrasting moment of disappointment, because contrasting moments is basically the Universe showing us where we are feeling a little wobbly in our vibrational energy.

I look at it like a mermaid’s buoyancy. Let me explain.

When I was learning how to perform as a Mermaid, ( which takes years in training) one thing that a Mermaid must constantly remember, is her breathing/ buoyancy levels. If I were to take in too much air from the hose, I’d rise right to the top, if I exhaled too much, I’d sink and fall right to the river floor. My job was to constantly inhale, exhale and hold the perfect amount of air in my lungs to stay centered in front of the underwater stage and perform so that all the people in the theater could see me perfectly.

I liken those breathing exercises to disappointment and being in alignment. It’s continuously an ongoing exercise, and one must always work at alignment.

I’ve also learned a few things that will help in maneuvering through disappointment, and what is the real reason for disappointment when we experience it.

When I married my BG (Beloved Gardener) and soul mate (currently writing my soulmate story) last year, I moved into his little cottage, which I named “Staffordshire Cottage”. We had spoken many times of our desires and dreams and we both have always agreed that our ultimate dream was to live on the water. We both enjoy the water so much and that’s one of the many things we adore about each other. So when it came time for me to really begin putting together my workshops and retreats/curriculum for my non-profit organization (Mermaid Junkie Academy), we decided to sell the cottage and buy something more conducive to the foundation.

We were happy and I was enjoying the DIY projects and preparation to put the cottage on the market. I got a phone call from an acquaintance saying that she had found the deal of a lifetime for me and my BG. We could buy the home which was on the water, and we’d make enough off of our current home to have no mortgage. I was ecstatic and so was my BG. Beyond excited, and I felt as though all my powerful intentions were coming to fruition. I was continuing to manifest my dreams. 


My heart wasn’t the most thrilled because the house wasn’t right on the coastline, it wasn’t a mansion/ESTATE, it wasn’t an old European/Medieval style, and the home wasn’t in California. So really four major things for me that were causing contradicting vibrational energy.

I tried to put those things out of my mind, as it did seem to be a really cool thing, and maybe I was beginning to think I was being a little far too dreamy with wanting to live in California in an estate, etc.

Fast forward three weeks later and let’s just say, my bubble got burst and the whole arrangement fell apart.

I wasn’t too upset, but my dearest BG was devastated. He was so let down.

I tried to encourage him, and suggest that the Universe had something better for us and that what we needed to focus on was our alignment.

Here are the 3 things that I learned that you might find beneficial when experiencing disappoint while living the Law of Attraction: 

-I believe the reason I didn’t manifest the house on the canal was because the Universe knows me internally, knows my deepest dreams, desires, and wants.

-The Universe knew what I really wanted, and it was contradictory with what was about to manifest. I had expanded past the small home on the canal. My desires and dreams were greater. I can have all that my heart’s desire and I think sometimes because of conditional training, we somehow believe that we aren’t really worthy to have our fullest dreams manifest. That we should maybe settle for mediocrity. I think that was a belief that I had as a child from a very religious upbringing. I somehow believed that I had to earn all of my desires and dreams. If “God” thought I was worthy enough, I might get what I wanted. I had to earn it, though. I’m so appreciative of The Law of Attraction, and now I fully know I deserve every single desire and dream completely. Not only that, I will have all of my hearts desires.

-I just needed to line up with my true desires. I am now working at having simplistic and utter joy for no reason at all. I feel so much vibrationally like I did when I manifested my soul mate. It only took two months to manifest my soulmate, and it’s because I worked at my vibrational energy, and left the paddling upstream alone. I let go of the oars and let the Universe carry me downstream. 

I still don’t have a home on the water as of today, but I have complete belief without any contradiction that the universe will allow the right home to come to me and my BG. I have complete belief, and I trust Source with all that I am.

So in case you have had disappointment and you can’t understand why your desires aren’t manifesting in the way you would have thought, remember that the Universe loves you and is holding all of your highest desires and dreams in your VORTEX. There are many times we have forgotten our dreams, but Source has never forgotten. Perhaps, reevaluate your truest pure desires and dreams and line up with them.

So when disappointment comes, let go, check your breathing, and KNOW with a surety that the Universe is holding your vortex in a vibrational escrow bubble.




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