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How To Stay Propeller Focused

I’d like to tackle the subject of staying focused since Ive always struggled with this.

I’m a Pisces (maybe that has nothing to do with it), but Pisces seem to have a dreamy, flighty imaginative imagination and staying focused is a toughie for me.

Do you struggle with this? You spend an hour scheduling your weekly events, compiling a “to do” list, and then realize “oh crap” I didn’t get half of these things done!

What we focus on propels everything.

vicki in wings

When we have too many choices or decisions that have to be made, Science has proven we will opt for none.

Water has a significant different refractive index to air, and this affects the focusing of the eyes. Animals eyes are adapted to either underwater or air vision and do not focus properly when in the other environment. There is a lens of the fishes eye’s called the crystalline lens. They’re extremely convex and their refractive indices are the highest of all animals.

vintage underwater ballet


As a Mermaid, I had to have laser focus on only three things which was my air, eyesight, and performance.

If I had tried to focus on my mersisters, costumes, a gator swimming up behind me, etc. I would have missed my cues, messed up the show, and most likely drown.

Here are 3 things that will help you keep focused:

1. Stop Skimming

If I were to have exerted my energy by looking around at the animal life in the river, worried about the gator behind me, watching my mersisters perform, etc. I would have exhausted my energy and caused my body anxiety. When you swim and perform and are holding your breath, the more movement will exhaust your lungs at a much more rapid pace and you will become dizzy. That’s what happens when we start looking around at what other people are doing, looking at social media incessantly, surfing the internet, consuming, or multi-tasking. We lose focus and that in the end will create a lower self-worth for us individually. When we focus on others, it creates self-doubt and self-love dissipates gradually; like air loss.

2. Define Your Mermaid Manifesto

It’s vital that you have created your mission, and set your intentions for what you’d like your life to look like. What kind of life do you see for yourself? How do you want to live every day?

Everything else gets a NO!

3. Say YES to the Silence of the Deep

Think of the ocean and at the top of the ocean there are waves and tides and lots of movement. That’s all the distractions in your life. But when you sink to the depths of the ocean there is nothing but silence. That’s where the resolve and calmness come in. You can focus on the important things in your life. The things that deserve your attention. Say NO to everything else for awhile. This will help you to check it against your mission. Ask yourself, “Should I invest in this?’

Most people don’t prioritize deeply enough. They stay afloat on the surface of the ocean and their internal compass guides them away from their focus; their mission.

Do not be a person that is a product of your environment and moods. It only takes 20 percent of your activities to produce 80 percent of the results you’re after.

I hope this has been helpful, and as always I’m yours til my next swim…


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