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How I Keep A Cottage Bunny

Good Afternoon,

I wanted to share my story of Oliver Twist, how he came to live with me, and how to keep a house bunny.

I had written this almost a year ago, but I’ve had some blog issues, so I’m attempting this again.

I had two little dogs in my previous marriage which were a shorty Jack Russell and a silky Yorkshire terrier. Dave is the JR & Savvy is the Yorkie.

They were sweet dogs, but I had honestly always desired a bunny, probably since my early twenties. I even had the name ‘Oliver’, picked out that long ago. The truth is, I actually wanted to name one of my boys Oliver, but their father wouldn’t hear of it, so I stuffed the name away, until one day. I would have a house bunny and then name the bunny Oliver. I’ve also had a fish named Oliver too.

After my divorce and I moved back to Florida, I thought to myself. I am going to do, be, and have all the things I’ve ever wanted. When I first began dating Jeffrey, and on one of our little conversations, I spoke of how having a house bunny had always been a dream of mine. He surely filed that away and remembered it.

When my birthday came around, my BG asked me what I’d like for my birthday, and I told him I really wanted a rabbit. He smiled, asked if I had found one and that we’d surely go and pick up that bunny I wanted. I cried a puddle of tears,  I could not believe he was actually going to buy me a bunny.

I was shocked and so pleased. He said, ” Baby, I want you to be happy and I know you’ve wanted a bunny for so long, and I want you to have one. I want my baby happy.”

He said, ” Baby Doba (my nickname because he says I look like I have doe eyes’), I want you to be happy and I know you’ve wanted a bunny for so long, and I want you to have one.”

I’ve had many people ask me about caring for a house bunny, so let’s chat about that.

Here’s how I care of my ‘Oliver’ at the cottage.

I went to the pet store and purchased Yesterdays News, which is a cat litter. But they recommend it for a bunny as it won’t cause them harm. I actually had my father reconfigure an old antique pie safe by converting it into a bunny house (below). I had bought this pie safe over twenty years ago, and it seemed the perfect bunny house.

I keep Oliver in the bunny house every evening, so he doesn’t get into things. I take him out every morning when I get up and he roams the cottage. I only let him in two rooms and have little gates up to block off the rest of the cottage so he doesn’t chew on things that are harmful. They will chew all sorts of wires and outlets. They love plastic, so you must remove all those types of things from them.

I’ll list the things I bought for Oliver when I brought him home:

  • Yesterday’s News kitty litter (it’s not harmful to the bunny)
  • Fresh Parsley, Carrots, & Cilantro (Oliver’s Favorites) I tried all kinds of veggies…experiment and see what they like the most.
  • Timothy Hay
  • A Blanket
  • Water bowl (I had some vintage ones packed away)You don’t need the fancy hanging bottles with the rollerballs. Think about rabbits in the wild, they drink from water naturally, they don’t need anything but a water bowl.
  • food bowl (clay bowl) I already had
  • Plastic Rubbermaid pans (I purchased at the dollar store) I bought 3, and then gradually took two away after a few months.
  • Some old driftwood, pinecones (from my back yard) and tree limbs  for him to sharpen his teeth
  • Capture Carpet and Rug cleaner kit

The only places locally you can find Capture is at Home Depot. You can find it on Amazon . I’ve kept up with this product for almost 15 years. It’s hands down the best product when having any kind of animals in your home. It works phenomenally. It will completely eliminate the smell of urine and potty.

The way I litter box trained Oliver was to prepare a few little plastic Rubbermaid dishes (below) with some yesterday’s news on the bottom and then added some hay at one end of the dish.

I picked mine up at the dollar tree. I could use these small sized ones because Oliver is very tiny. I then went to Hobby Lobby and found several wooden boxes (below) that the plastic would fit inside because of course, a wooden box is much nicer to look at. Oliver likes the wooden boxes also and tends to chew the edges to keep his little teeth filed.

 I then placed about three of them around the room, in spots that I noticed Oliver liked and mostly stayed in. Rabbits are very much like cats and dogs; which means when they find spots to eliminate, they will go back to those same spots everytime. Another thing to remember when training a bunny or any small animal is to keep their space for roaming to a very minimum. You can later extend the space for them to roam, but don’t give them all sorts of space. Little animals tend to get overwhelmed and will start urinating and pooping everywhere. 

Oliver is a Jersey Wholly Rabbit/ Blue Tort (which is a rare breed), Oliver only weighs 3 pounds and he’s at his growth capacity. I wanted a small rabbit and a gentle temperament.

When my BG and I went to the breeder, we had our eyes on a black Jersey Wooly, but when I got to the breeders home and began looking and holding the rabbits, I saw Oliver and wanted to hold him immediately.

My BG was holding him the whole time as I was talking with the breeder and chatting away. I looked over and Oliver was nearly asleep in Jeffrey’s arms. I knew right away he was our bunny.

So, If you plan to get a bunny, first, do your research and secondly listen to your beautiful heart. The rabbit that belongs to you, will speak to you, for sure. I believe in the Law Of Attraction… even when it comes to rabbits and who wants to belong to you.

I hope this was helpful and if you have any other questions, just comment below, or tail mail (email) me.


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