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The Week Before Yule

Good Morning darlings,

The fall has come and in less than two weeks it’ll be Yule. I am tickled pink to share this Christmas holiday with Oliver and my BG. Last year I was spending the time with my children in Oklahoma, which was lovely in itself too. I do look forward to having all my children visit me here on the coast, perhaps next year. That’ll be a dream.

This is a little picture I painted for our holiday card. It turned out adorable. The inside caption says,”Merry kisses and Christmas wishes. Love, The Stafford’s” I love it so…

It’s so interesting to me that when I was raising all of my children I had so many traditions and carried on with all of them. Things in my life now are so much simpler. I find having a lovely fresh Frazier fir, a few handmade ornaments, a few strands of lights, some balsam pine candles and I’m as pleased as punch.

I think that one of the reasons for all of the bells and whistles that I used to have to have, was truthfully because I was trying to fill gaps that were lacking in my life.

You know what else is interesting? I see that in so many women nowadays. If I could just cradle them and chat with them, telling them life isn’t about “STUFF” or staying so busy. I used to be that woman that would catch onto all those pyramid businesses, like selling candles, cosmetics, pampered chef parties, etc. you name it… I was staying absorbed in it all. That’s not even considering all the volunteering I did. Now, I’m not one to say that I don’t like to serve and be kind in that way, but I know that where my heart was in doing the acts of service weren’t where I should’ve been. I believe too many women extend themselves way beyond their capabilities. All in the name of trying to earn a sense of self-love and acceptance. When the acceptance we are internally really reaching for is our own acceptance. We truly come from a conditioned society of feeling the need to earn our existence. I really believe that if women had more self-love and confidence we wouldn’t have so much depression and stress among women.

I do also realize that I was on my own journey too back then {still am} and we all learn from our own life experiences, not words.

I find that really loving the act to serve out of the sheer joy of it, is the way to go. If we have a guilt, feeling of having to, feeling sorry for, obligation, we should not do anything under the guise of these feelings. It’s all in vain anyway, if you ask me. I say that because what happened to me is that I started to resent people and any kind of act, even down to doing things for my husband, children and parents.

My rule of thumb now is… I ask myself, do I really want to do this? Am I doing it because I really want to, and am I doing it for the sheer joy of it? If those are a ‘Yes’ I’m all aboard!

I happy as a clam for you each swimming by to say hello and spend a little time with me today. I also wish you a lovely Christmas and a most beautiful New Year!

I personally cannot wait! Everyday is truly a gift and I have a whole treasure chest full of them!

I love you each so very much.


Christmas Past 2011

Hello Mermaidlings,

Since I am still working on the relaunch of my website, I thought it’d be nice to revisit my home a few years ago. I’m doing my best with these photos even though I know they aren’t that great.

white tree @ 2011 Christmas

This is my Victorian tree. The ornies are from my lovely mother that started my Christmas ornie collection when I was a little fishy. At the age of eighteen when I left home I had a great start and she continues to give me an ornie every year. In the beginning they were Victorian, but within the last 8 years  she has gotten me all mermaid ornies. Continue Reading

My New Ornies… Turned Old

Hello my Enchanted Friends,

I kinda feel out of sorts since my world has been so swamped with moving/ organizing our new place. I haven’t had any time to really shop for gifts. I have a few gifts that I had purchased early in the year.

I’m very blessed that my children aren’t asking for hardly anything this Christmas. It takes the pressure off of the gent & me.

Okay onto my brilliant idea that I wanted to share with you. 🙂 I was @ Michael’s last week looking for a few little touches to add a little holiday decor to the our little rental.

I’m really into the vintage/retro look this year for my holiday decor. I’ve always liked it, but since I sold everything @ the Estate Sale, this year has been a great excuse to start fresh. Like I said, I was @ Michael’s last week rummaging through the dollar bin & came upon these little Christmas bulb ornies, and even cooler that their glass. I loved them, but I wanted them to look old, (like I’ve had them since the 50’s). These ornies tend to be pricey if you buy them from Ebay, Etsy, or some place like that.

This is how I got them to look old. I simply stuck them in a little tupperware dish, added a small amount of paint thinner, let them soak for about three hours. And there ya have it, old ornies ( but not really). I think they’d pass the test though. Don’t you?

I hope you’r enjoying your lovely holiday preparations. I’m thinking of you daily. Thank you so much for taking a moment out of your busy lives to come over & visit my little part of the sea. I love you, & appreciate it more than you know.

Much love, Raquel

Here Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

It’s that time of year again. Here’s a few of my favorite things.

I love the smell of  Fresh Balsam @ Christmas time.  So I indulge in all the items Bath & Body Works has to offer.

I don’t allow shoes to be worn in the house so I live in footies. I have a basket next to the front door full of socks {I got this from Martha Stewart, except I don’t require you to wear  Cashmere @ a whopping $70.00 a pop}. How cute are these with the cut out toes? I like these in the summer, especially because I live in Florida.

Walmart has these for most of the year @ about $3.00 a pair. @ the holidays they have themed ones too.

And last but not least, my camouflage military caps, that I have in every color under the sun. Is that a clear indication that I hate doing my hair? The answer is YES!  Ask the gent. Haha

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Love, Raquel

An Idea For Wrapping Christmas Goodies Using A Paper Sack

I searched and searched on the web to find an idea that would inspire me how to wrap my biscotti for all of my friends. To no avail. I found a number of scrapbooks made from paper sacks, but no Christmas ideas.

This is what I came up with.

The candy canes are a Christmas ornament. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a package of plastic candy canes, and then hot glued as I wrapped them in jute. Then tied a little ribbon around them. The letters are the first letter of each friends name.

These aren’t super fancy. I wanted to go with a natural look this year.

Reindeer Candy Canes

I’m sure you’ve probably seen these a thousand times over, but I’m going to show you how to make them anyway. The supplies you’ll need are as follows: candy canes (I only buy Bob’s Candy Canes and you can get them at Walmart for a dollar a box). brown pipe cleaners green ribbon red mini… Continue Reading

Here’s A Christmas Tree For Ya…

Yeah, leave it to me to think of an unconventional way to create a tree for Christmas. I thought it was nifty as well as creative. I plan to make several and display on my hutch. Simply a stack of antique books, largest to smallest with a pinecone for the star. Enjoy! Merry Christmas! Continue Reading