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The Tides Are Turning & I Got A Bunny!

Hello there Mermaid Junkies,

How are you my lovelies? I hope this week is serving you well, and that you are enjoying your life immensely.

So here’s the dealio.

After major alterations, life changes, and much contemplation I’ve been going back and forth like waves bashing against the rocks trying to figure out a way to sort of transform my little blog here.



If you need me, I’m almost always here…and when I’m not

I’m usually with my beloved or working on some

hair-brained ideas that I constantly think of at 2 am.


Can one ever go wrong with linen and some driftwood? I think not.





After much thought, I’ve decided this blog is exactly where it should be. Just like my tag line in the header, “The way she ‘seas’ things.” is right on point. The only thing that will change is that I’ll be adding several more features to the blog, like embedding my Mermaid Junkie videos from YouTube, adding some DIY projects/videos and also adding my online store. My online store will be things I’ve made that are all coastal/ Mermaid inspired. Always… Y’all know me. Even though I have clients that are very conventional and like their design that way, I will always fair on the natural side of my gypsy spirit and be an unconventional designer.

I think of all the waves that have taken place recently, I am so much more accepting and appreciative of my spirit and the way I am as a woman. I do believe that with so many people consumed with appearances, competitiveness and trying to stay ahead of the game, I can truthfully say I love where I am at. Right here. Right now. This very minute.

Oh and for you darlings who couldn’t resist waiting for my vlog about house bunnies, without further ado…

Meet Oliver Twist, my house bunny.


I’m working on a vlog post about all the treasure troves of wisdom when it comes to having a pet bunny. I hope you’ll swim on back later.

And for now, Mermaid Junkies, I hope you are having a pleasant day and as always…

I’m yours til my next swim, Love Rock

Christmas Past 2011

Hello Mermaidlings,

Since I am still working on the relaunch of my website, I thought it’d be nice to revisit my home a few years ago. I’m doing my best with these photos even though I know they aren’t that great.

white tree @ 2011 Christmas

This is my Victorian tree. The ornies are from my lovely mother that started my Christmas ornie collection when I was a little fishy. At the age of eighteen when I left home I had a great start and she continues to give me an ornie every year. In the beginning they were Victorian, but within the last 8 years  she has gotten me all mermaid ornies. Continue Reading

Mermaid Monday: Faux Wood Canvas Mermaid Art

Hello lovely merfolk,

I saw this custom design cabinet for $3600 on a blog in 2007, & never forgot it. It reminded me of faux wood contact paper. I’ve been slowly collecting different pieces of decor to make a collage in my master bath, so when I found a piece of canvas for .39 cents @ the Goodwill I was excited. I thought…why not a wood grain mermaid?

woodgrain cabinet



DIY faux 7

diy faux 1

Supplies: Wood grain contact paper (You can buy it @ Walmart for $4.99 a roll)

Exacto knife

Canvas (I bought mine @ Goodwill for .39 cents) It had an ugly design on it, but I just primed it white.

Craft paints

Silhouette image

DIY Faux wood mermaid

Paint your canvas & while your letting that dry, go cut out your vinyl.

DIY Faux

DIY faux 4

Decide on a silhouette that you’d like. I chose a mermaid…of course. You can purchase images on istockphoto, or google free downloadable images. There’s lots out there to choose from.

DIY faux 5

Cut out your image, & then peel away the backing & stick it on your dried canvas. I didn’t have to resize my image on the printer, it just happened to be the right size. You may need to re-size yours depending on your canvas size. I think a massive canvas would be cool like this. An 8×10 is what size canvas I had already, & I was going for cheap.

DIY faux 6

DIY faux 7

Now that I’ve had time to sit & mull over this, I’ve decided it needs something else. I don’t know what, but I have a few ideas swirling & swishing in my head.

DIY faux 8I love how she turned out though, I’m tickled pink. One more art piece down…many more to go.

Have you made any fun things with faux wood contact paper? I’d love to see.

*Mermaidified* Master Bath

Hello my fellow sea sirens,

I thought I’d show apart of my underwater ocean. Here are a few things in my bathroom that I *mermaidified*. I found this old vintage turquoise scale in Idaho when I went for a visit to see my dear friend M.


I have been collecting what I like to call *mermaid salvage* over ten years. One day I was sitting on my patio looking @ this massive iron bowl of all these little trinkets & it made me think, this stuff looks like something a mermaid would collect from the bottom of the ocean floor. So I just stamped out the message *mermaid salvage* onto some aged paper & tucked it into the shells. A majority of the things are from our family beach vacations & cruises to Mexico.

photo 1

photo 2

One of the little glass vintage jewelry boxes hold bobby pins, & the other holds q-tips. The large liquor bottle holds mouthwash. I do not drink, but I wanted to keep the bottle. My grandmother gave it to me before she passed away.

photo 4

photo 5

I aged some photos of me when I worked as a mermaid @ Weeki Wachee Springs. 

photo 4

photo 3

This is Mermaid Carla. She was a gift from a dear friend. 

photo 2

photo 1

In The Details

Hello there fellow fishies, I hope you are having a great holiday season. Here’s a few pictures of my new aesthetic. Can you guess where I’d like to live? Perhaps 2013 will be my year to move to the big apple.   I decided to go with accents of light turquoise, shades of gray, creams, white, black,… Continue Reading

New York State Of Mind

My dear friend Shanda has the most darling room, I just had to share it with you. Her inspiration was a canvas of the New York skyline. We are very much alike in our love for the big apple. Since she can’t live there, she brought a piece of New York into her home. “Keep… Continue Reading

TV in the Bag!

TV in the Bag!

Have y’all ever heard of Little Black Bag? It’s a genius of an idea. I had the great pleasure of joining with LBB’s David Weissman on the WEtv Television Show “Life Love Shopping” to discuss this creative new club! I’ll be discussing how it works. First, you pick out a style that you like from… Continue Reading

Back To School Tablescape

Hello Darlings… I hope you had a great weekend. I’m all geared up for the new school year to begin. My children start school today {8-13-12}, so I thought I’d show a few pictures of my table for the month of August. Each place setting has a wooden ruler with the ?, “How will you measure up?”… Continue Reading

Ocean Style

A friend brought these over to me. Gardenias are my fave, and she knows it. They smell fab! Yes, I’m mormon, and I collect crosses. If I were to tell you the significance of them, you’d understand why I collect them. Mitch used my camera last night and I can’t figure out what he did… Continue Reading