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The Tides Are Turning & I Got A Bunny!

Hello there Mermaid Junkies,

How are you my lovelies? I hope this week is serving you well, and that you are enjoying your life immensely.

So here’s the dealio.

After major alterations, life changes, and much contemplation I’ve been going back and forth like waves bashing against the rocks trying to figure out a way to sort of transform my little blog here.



If you need me, I’m almost always here…and when I’m not

I’m usually with my beloved or working on some

hair-brained ideas that I constantly think of at 2 am.


Can one ever go wrong with linen and some driftwood? I think not.





After much thought, I’ve decided this blog is exactly where it should be. Just like my tag line in the header, “The way she ‘seas’ things.” is right on point. The only thing that will change is that I’ll be adding several more features to the blog, like embedding my Mermaid Junkie videos from YouTube, adding some DIY projects/videos and also adding my online store. My online store will be things I’ve made that are all coastal/ Mermaid inspired. Always… Y’all know me. Even though I have clients that are very conventional and like their design that way, I will always fair on the natural side of my gypsy spirit and be an unconventional designer.

I think of all the waves that have taken place recently, I am so much more accepting and appreciative of my spirit and the way I am as a woman. I do believe that with so many people consumed with appearances, competitiveness and trying to stay ahead of the game, I can truthfully say I love where I am at. Right here. Right now. This very minute.

Oh and for you darlings who couldn’t resist waiting for my vlog about house bunnies, without further ado…

Meet Oliver Twist, my house bunny.


I’m working on a vlog post about all the treasure troves of wisdom when it comes to having a pet bunny. I hope you’ll swim on back later.

And for now, Mermaid Junkies, I hope you are having a pleasant day and as always…

I’m yours til my next swim, Love Rock

Ikea Table Transformation

I needed a table that would seat all 6 of us. Since our rental is tiny when it comes to sq. footage, I needed something compact. We aren’t going to be in the rental very long, so I didn’t want to invest into something that was really expensive either. So the gent & I went to Ikea to look for small space solutions & came upon their pine table & chairs. I knew I could do something with this. This is what I came up with. I’m very pleased with the results. I’m going in a whole new direction with my aesthetic. I’m enjoying the clean simple lines. Industrial + vintage+ urban+ retro


Table: $69.99

Chair: $24.99 ea.


Ship Shape: Organizing My Necklaces & Altoid Tins

As Promised I told you I’d show you how I organize my necklaces. I bought some small 3M hooks & painted them blackened bronze, applied them on my vanity mirror in a staggered effect.

Do you remember me telling you that almost everyone of my necklaces were purchased @ the Dollar Tree? Aren’t they cute for being only a buck each? One thing I did with my necklaces, is that I bought a bunch of them & then took the charms off. I put 3 charms on one chain.

Now & Tin

Now onto another little project I did.

I love the Altoid tins & I knew I could do something with them.  So I thought of several ways to use them. The skies the limit, but here are a few that I did.

I picked out what kind of paper I liked & then Modge Podged each tin.

Measure the paper giving a little extra for it to wrap over the sides. Apply another coat of Modge Podge over the paper, & then another coat over your stickers.

Don’t forget to trim out the little holes in the back so re-attaching the lid will be easy. I used a little pair of sharp scissors. Trim the holes after the glue dries. I learned the hard way on the 1st one. If you try to trim the holes while its wet, the paper will rip.

There’s so many choices & ideas that you can use these little tins for. A deck of cards fits perfectly in one of these tins. Be creative. 🙂

As you probably can guess the tin that says, “stuff” is my favorite.

I think that look is basically my trademark for most of my crafty projects.

Much love, Rac


Ship Shape: My Organized Bathroom Cabinets

I completely neglected to tell you that I went on another cruise. Well, I’m back now.

I have some great news! Every week, I’m going to have a little something about Fashion, Home Design, and Organization. Please bear with me, as I haven’t advertised it on my side bar, but it’s coming, I promise.

And of course, since I have a Mermaid themed blog, I’m gonna use Mermaid themed lingo.

Dun ta dummmmm…

Ship Shape: Organization

The Current: Fashion

Ocean Style: Home Design


Here’s something from Ship Shape this week:

I have very limited space in my master bathroom. Actually, I have limited space throughout my entire house, but I manage to keep things orderly because everything has a designated home.

Most people have these little medicine cabinets in their bathrooms. I keep little trays on the shelves, so that things won’t fall out when I open it.


Now this little “dandy” is the greatest! I purchased it at Home Depot, and it supposed to be used for nails and screws. I don’t have any drawers in my bathroom, so this worked perfectly.

The little compartments have great depth, and it fits nicely in my bathroom linen closet.

This container  holds my files, nail polishes, polish remover, and cotton pads.

See my nail polishes in the bottom drawer. And yes, that’s the pups dog food. I put it in my bathroom, because that’s where the pups eat. An important thing to remember is that you need to set up your home, by how you live. For instance, It would be silly for me to keep the dog food in the kitchen, or perhaps the garage. My pups eat in the bathroom, so it’s convenient to keep their food in the bathroom. Use that rule for everything.

To be able to keep a home organized on a continual basis, isn’t difficult. The main reason that I see people get discouraged is because they don’t have their home organized to flow with how they live on a day to day basis.

For example, keep your drinking glasses in the cabinet right next to the fridge, not in a cabinet five feet away.

Obviously, this is under my bathroom sink. No drawers, so I used some wire shelving so that I could get height. My hair products are in the basket, and my curling iron and hairdryer are on hooks hanging on the inside of the cabinet doors.

Always remember to utilize every inch of space that you have.

My wastebasket is actually quite pretty, and yet I still keep it inside of the cabinet. I’m kinda weird like that.

I stacked containers on top of each other to maximize the height in the cabinet.

Here’s a major helpful tip: I use rubber shelf lining for everything. I use it in the actual cabinet, inside the drawers, as well as in between the containers themselves. It would be super annoying, if every time I opened a drawer and things slid all over the place. That’d drive me bananas!

If you look closely at my photos, you’ll see the rubber shelf liner.

Oh, I also used that little green box for separating rubber bands and clips. I had it left over from a bracelet I had received as a gift. The size worked perfect for the drawer.

This is a snap shot of the rubber shelf liner. I purchased my rubber shelf liner at Walmart and Target. You can get it in their kitchen section.

And these are the containers I used. I also purchased these at Walmart. The brand is called Sterilite.

Happy Organizing, Ya’ll!


Can You Guess What Your Looking At?

Yep, you guessed it!

It’s the hint of ZK’s room reveal. I still have some more things to do to it. Some fine tuning, if you will. This has posed a more difficult task than I had expected. You should see M. He’s ready to strangle me any day now. I start fifteen projects, and then work my way backwards. I know, it’s complete madness. My garage looks like Sanford and Son. My grass looks like it got into a fight with a graffiti artist, and ZK’s bedroom floor can’t be found.

There is a method to my madness though, I promise.

Stay Tuned…

Take My Number

I may have already posted this at some point, but I’m thinking it may have been on my other blog. If you’re like me and have children, you’re always signing a permission slip, forms, taking numbers, etc. So, I wanted to have something cute to keep my pens in. I’m sure you’ve seen the well… Continue Reading