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The Tides Are Turning & I Got A Bunny!

Hello there Mermaid Junkies,

How are you my lovelies? I hope this week is serving you well, and that you are enjoying your life immensely.

So here’s the dealio.

After major alterations, life changes, and much contemplation I’ve been going back and forth like waves bashing against the rocks trying to figure out a way to sort of transform my little blog here.



If you need me, I’m almost always here…and when I’m not

I’m usually with my beloved or working on some

hair-brained ideas that I constantly think of at 2 am.


Can one ever go wrong with linen and some driftwood? I think not.





After much thought, I’ve decided this blog is exactly where it should be. Just like my tag line in the header, “The way she ‘seas’ things.” is right on point. The only thing that will change is that I’ll be adding several more features to the blog, like embedding my Mermaid Junkie videos from YouTube, adding some DIY projects/videos and also adding my online store. My online store will be things I’ve made that are all coastal/ Mermaid inspired. Always… Y’all know me. Even though I have clients that are very conventional and like their design that way, I will always fair on the natural side of my gypsy spirit and be an unconventional designer.

I think of all the waves that have taken place recently, I am so much more accepting and appreciative of my spirit and the way I am as a woman. I do believe that with so many people consumed with appearances, competitiveness and trying to stay ahead of the game, I can truthfully say I love where I am at. Right here. Right now. This very minute.

Oh and for you darlings who couldn’t resist waiting for my vlog about house bunnies, without further ado…

Meet Oliver Twist, my house bunny.


I’m working on a vlog post about all the treasure troves of wisdom when it comes to having a pet bunny. I hope you’ll swim on back later.

And for now, Mermaid Junkies, I hope you are having a pleasant day and as always…

I’m yours til my next swim, Love Rock

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Wednesday: Upwelling Wednesday

This is the Spiritual need, the need to leave a legacy.

The need to leave a legacy, to have a sense of meaning, purpose, pride, personal satisfaction and contribution to the world.

I received a phone call tonight from someone that I revere as my mentor. Sena King is her name and she’s the most wonderful woman I know, besides my own mother.

I’ve actually known Aunt Sena since birth. You can read that story here if you’d like.

I was grateful for the in-depth conversation that I had with her in regards to appearances and being judged from an external perspective.

When you are always on the path to personal growth there’s’ a constant flow of the spirit helping to guide and lead you to more and more self-discovery.
As I was chatting with Aunt Sena she mentioned that because I had been currently using such verbiage as enlightenment, universe, affirmations and etc. (that she had failed to mention anything for fear of upsetting me), but she had started to believe I was on the brink of abandoning my religion.

I was very grateful to her to for mentioning her thoughts with me and that I could plainly see that perhaps there were others that may be confused or have become curious about my core values as well.

The interesting thing to me is that never at any time have I begun to lose my faith or religion.

I am in a field of work that requires me to always be immersed in concepts, beliefs, human behavior and theory. So many times in order to remain open to many faiths or religions with my foundation, I will use all types of verbiage.

My foundation (The English Settlement) and Mermaid Junkie School is based on universal principles. I chose to keep my religion out of it, just as Stephen Covey kept his religion out of his career. Not for fear, but for the actual principles that I teach. I don’t teach doctrine.

I was shown this evening that no matter what you are doing, you will always be judged and that people are always watching your life even when you think they aren’t.

I find it interesting that when using certain words people begin to label you a certain way.
It seems as though I’ll always be labeled.

But today I rest with ease with being labeled a girl that believes in a Savior, a God, and a wildly magical love for Mermaids.

No matter what you are or believe, it should not matter to anyone but you and your God.
Have a day filled with  Mermaid Junkies!

Yoga Represents Mending Your Soul

 I told you last week on Mermaid Junkie TV that I was struggling with intense lower back pain because I had loads of resentment (metaphysical) towards others, especially Sailor.

I know some may find it revealing that I come right out and say that, but I believe it’s important to express my true feelings. Stop holding back what pains I struggle with. If I am not willing to spill my heart over this keyboard, what good am I in trying to help others. I think people want others to share their experiences. It connects us. We as mortals desire, in fact, must have connection to survive. But so many are afraid because of the judgment or for fear that it will make them seem that they aren’t as perfect as they had envisioned. We are afraid to show people who we really are. And most times, it’s because we are afraid of our very own selves.

I think we all struggle with some deeply buried soul wrenching adversities and light has to be shed on issues before they ever begin to change. Change for me or others.

I wanted to share with you my journey of transparency.

I showed you this picture yesterday on social media explaining that I saw something in the experience that day, I hadn’t seen until now.


I was reminded of fear and trust. This position on the rock was really difficult to get into (not to mention I had to look calm). The rock was hanging over a huge cliff. I would’ve fallen onto jagged rocks into cavern walls and the fall was very high. I have a fear of heights. The photographer kept comforting me by saying, “You are okay, you are safe. Just trust me Raquel I won’t let you fall, I will catch you if you start to fall.” That day reminded me  that sometimes were afraid to trust others because we don’t trust ourselves first. My goal is to one day go out to that cliff and do some mermaid yoga with my dear friend Cindi.

I was afraid to get back into my yoga practice. I was afraid for several reasons. My back had been getting worse and worse. I was tapping and it would work for a few days. But then it’s would get ten times worse than it had before.

I just had to face my fears and get back on the mat. I also had to continue loving all of myself. My physical body had to be embraced before yoga was going to heal me. 

I had to meet Raquel there and comfort her through the pain. The pain of facing things I was ignoring. I need to be true to that girl in the mirror.

Are you being true to yourself? Are you living your days transparent with yourself and others?

“Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly.”

This was me a year ago. I wasn’t always in love with myself or my body.


‘Mermaid Pose’

I stopped and hadn’t practiced yoga for over two decades. I was lost. Yoga takes you to your internal core and I knew that in my heart and I knew I still wasn’t willing to see or love certain parts of myself or my body.

Do you know what yoga does to your mind, body, and soul? 

It’s frees you; if you let it. It takes you to a place of mending. It helps you to reconcile with yourself. It gives rise to what’s troubling you. Where you have gaping wounds that need to be restored.

Yoga takes you to a place where only a soul can completely reveal itself.

That’s why many don’t practice yoga. They may use several words to describe in their minds, but those labels are simply reasons that we as humans excuse ourselves from diving deep into the oceans of our soul. To connect.

It’s hard for many. I know, because I was swimming as swiftly and as hard as I could against the current of who I was.

Please understand I’m not judging you if you aren’t practicing yoga. This blog is an ocean of non-judgment. You’re perfect just the way you are. I’m just sharing my experience with you in hopes that something I say or express will spark something inside of you. I love you and I sincerely care about you.

“Your journey has molded you for your greater good and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think that you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.” -Asha Tyson

When you sit with yourself for a moment, ask yourself why you work out and want to be healthy, happy and fit.

If you come up with the reason that you absolutely love and adore yourself and you want to treat your body with love and respect by taking good care of it.

Well then. You’re on the right wave.

Today I want you to love yourself right where you are.

On a yoga mat or not.

Mermaid Vlogging Series

Hello lovely merfolk,
This is a blogging series all about mermaids. I will focus each day on the actual career as a mermaid performer, life as a mermaid, the day to day life of a mermaid, creating DIY decor & designs for the home (mermaid themed), tail mail (where I’ll will answer mail), *mer* chandise reviews, & anything else that swims my way. There’s so much to know about the ‘World of Mermaids’ & I’m your go-to girl for it all. Have a *fin*tastic day!