Raquel English


Hello there, Mermaid Junkie!

I believe everything happens the way it is supposed to and that’s why I believe you swam to my underwater world for a reason.  I’ve had this blog since 2005 and it’s seen numerous incarnations in that time.

I have to say that I’m so joyful for where I am now. I began this simple blog as an outlet for DIY creative projects, and after soul searching for a number of years, I realized my purpose and where my heart belongs.

I have been transforming my purpose driven life, and I finally feel comfortable in my own scales.

I’ve had the dream of creating a for-purpose organization (Mermaid Junkie Academy) for over 25 years, and after long internal work, creating a beautiful curriculum and navigating through my own ebbs and flows, It’s taken shape. I also created a Youtube channel (MermaidJunkieTV), and this blog where I write, create, paint, design, DIY and share all sorts of Treasure Trove Tips inspiring other kindred souls to realign with their inner being, to create a life they love, and to always follow their heart based on the Law of Attraction and Universal Laws.

I’m so pleased you swam to my waters.

I hope you’ll swim around a bit, use your compass and navigate to find out more about me and my underwater world!