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Old Endings & New Beginnings

Good Morning Mermaid junkies,

I hope your holidays were filled with copious amounts of delightful memories, wonderful times and an internal sense of renewal for a new and prosperous year of 2017. 


I am going to try and bring glimpses of joy this new year, something for each of you dear souls to carry with you, in hopes to inspire you to seek alignment and inner well-being.

As many of you may have noticed, I’ve updated my ‘about’ page and I have attempted to explain a little more in depth of my mission for my blog, Web TV show (youtube channel), as well as, all of the services I’m now offering, such as painting commissioned art pieces or mermaid creations surrounding either your underwater castles or Law of Attraction tools to use in manifesting.

I so desired to write this post to you before now, but wanted to wait for the New Year. I wanted to ‘catch you’ up on the many things that I’ve been working so diligently to unfold for you.

In my dislike to reach back into the past, I would like to explain to you a bit of what I’m now doing over here. I have recently changed all of my business information, and all things are now back to my maiden name, Carter. I do believe it’s going to be a wonderful thing for me to carry on my own name from here on out. Thank you to all that have been patient and sticking with me.

After my divorce from Mitch, I found myself really trying to understand what my mission in life was, I always knew I wanted to have the Academy and inspire women and children ( I had a dream when I was 19). I had spoken of my dreams so many times. I just couldn’t quite get some to jump aboard in my what seemed to be far-fetched, somewhat delusional, unrealistic imaginative dreams. Much less where and how to take this blog. I felt like I was just wading around on a lone island all by myself.

Until, I had received my divorce, started really living the Law of Attraction as an ongoing discovery of my life, did I realize how much all the dots began to connect. The universe actually started to respond to my desires and intentions that I was setting. I remember being on the couch in California, where I had basically retired to for weeks at a time. Mitch and I weren’t doing great, and I was starting to once again feel like I wanted to leave the marriage. I remember listening to Abraham Hicks on youtube one day. I had come down with several illnesses and literally wanted to just die. We had no health care, I was bedridden for two weeks with a terrible toothache, a urinary tract infection, strep throat, and three kidney stones, all at the same time. I knew my body was trying to tell me that something awful was happening to me. I was so very unhappy. I felt so alone and uncared for. I literally moaned and screamed into my pillow ( not to wake my children & husband) because the pain had went on for a solid 8 hours one night. I lost 10 pounds in 8 days.

So anyway, I was pleading to the Universe, that I wanted change and wanted a new life, I wanted to know the secrets of what my life meant and what I was meant to be and do. I wanted to know the mysteries, like the Gods, Universe.. What this whole thing we call earthly living is all about. I meant I was gonna know, and nothing was stopping me, or no one was stopping me.

Have you ever been at a place in your life like that? Where you are just at the literal edge and you’ve had all the bull you’re going to take. On that night, in a cold room crying, that’s where I was.

Fast forward to several months later and we are in Oklahoma, I am now angrier than ever, felt as though I was stripped from California, at this point, I was never going to get my non-profit organization off the ground, and I had to live in Oklahoma. Not that it was so much of the living in Oklahoma, as the knowing that after many talks with Mitch I wasn’t going to ever see myself living near the water, or at least for a very long time, if at all. I was done. I couldn’t let it be about someone else anymore. I wasn’t going to stay in California and then Mitch informs me he’d love to eventually settle in New York. Now, I love to visit New York, but I have to be near the water. Out of all the places in the country, New York would be very low on my list of destinations for me to settle in and live out the rest of my days. I just sat in a puddle of tears and cried for months on end. I closed up and shut down emotionally. I was becoming a shell of a person.

I realized for the first and last time, It was NEVER going to be about helping to inspire Raquel to live her dreams. I had spent almost more than half of my life sacrificing for someone that never intended to do the same for me. It was one of the most devastating, heart wrenching feelings that I have ever experienced. That day honestly, something inside of me died.

The flood gates of sadness, heartbreak, self pity, resentment, agony and pain just ripped through my soul. What was I gonna do? I really didn’t know if I had the courage to do what I did, but I knew that with God’s help, I was going to build a new life.

Most of you that follow me now know how my life has turned out so far and what a divine life it is. I am so appreciative! I’m now blissfully married to my soul mate/twin flame, I am the founder of Mermaid Junkie Academy a 501(c)(3) for purpose organization, I love and live with passion for what I do every single day, we live a beautiful life on the coastal waters of Florida and abundance has begun to flood in. Manifestation after manifestation has unfolded because I set intentions and have followed my bliss by believing I had self-worth, and finally… finally I could actually say I LOVED myself. 

Jeffrey didn’t save me, as much as, I would like to say he did, but he sure has inspired me in an incomprehensible way and has truly lit my soul on fire. He encourages me, and always tells me how much faith he has in me; how much he believes in me. That’s all I needed, but mostly I needed to believe it for me, for Raquel. Honestly, I have been ignited with a passion that is unfathomable.

So dearies, now that I got that out, I’ll begin a whole new blog post to begin our year off right by focusing on our Mind, Body, Spirit. If you are still here after that very long post, thank you for floating around. I appreciate it immensely.

Yours’ til my next swim, R







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