Raquel English

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Wednesday: Upwelling Wednesday This is the Spiritual need, the need to leave a legacy. The need to leave a legacy, to have a sense of meaning, purpose, pride, personal satisfaction and contribution to the world. I received a phone call tonight from someone that I revere as my mentor. Sena King is her name and she’s… Continue Reading

Are Your Anchoring Beliefs Weighing You Down?

Monday: Mermaid Monday Master This is the Mental need, the need to learn,  inspiring, teachable, encouraging, developing and growth. “Your ♥ is free, have the courage to follow it.” Hello, Mermaid Junkies Some of you may be completely happy and overjoyed by the month of love. However, there may be some that could use an encouraging… Continue Reading

What’s Your Energy Tide?

FLOW is necessary for growth. I’m in the Personal Development industry. I was talking with a friend last night {Social/Emotional need}. I could tell that I was beginning to feel down, sad and lonely. Yes, Mermaids feel that way too. As I was listing off the things I had to accomplish my friend says, “Raquel,… Continue Reading

We Must Stop Comparing Ourselves

Hello, Mermaid Junkies I want to know if the Love Affirmations were useful for you. Did you try them? Yesterday I saw a shirt on a young gal that said, ” My mommy’s blog is better than your mommy’s blog.” It seems harmless enough, right? Wrong! Here’s why: It’s the Comparison Queen Ursula lurching her ego-centered head.… Continue Reading

Death Is More Guilt Than Grief?

Hello mermaid Junkies, I heard some terrible news this week. That kind where you stop in your tracks and totally realize money problems, stresses of work, me unpacking my home are not important. My half brother lost his little brother. If you aren’t sure of who I am. My dad was married once before he… Continue Reading

Love Isn’t Earned Its Given Freely

We have a program in our church called primary. It’s for children from ages 3-12. During the year around Thanksgiving and Christmas, the little children prepare to give a presentation to show the ward what they’ve been working on. They memorize parts and stand at the podium and recite their part. I remember those days… Continue Reading

Love The One That’s The Hardest To Love

I believe the old adage, that ““The greatest battles of life are fought out daily in the silent chambers of the soul.” ― David O. McKay Allowing our own children to work through their own salvation is a journey in and of itself. No matter what the age. You may not know my son Sawyer,… Continue Reading

Love Notes Aren’t Just For Sweethearts

Yesterday was the Sabbath. The first time in our new little ward. The place we’ll be for the next three years. Sailor and I talked with the children about love, how people can change but yet they are still the same person. Sawyer is set to talk to the bishop this week to plan for his… Continue Reading

Haters Gonna Hate, What An Annoying Statement

I don’t know if I’m noticing this more or it just seems to be coming into my consciousness lately. I’m talking about all the times I hear people say things like;” love the haters” haters are gonna hate, etcetera. First off, it’s an annoying statement. I really don’t understand why this acknowledgment is even relevant.… Continue Reading

Love Thyself And Believe!

Hello Mermaid Junkies and fellow shoal family, I have so much I want to say to you sweet dollies. First, I am so happy that we now have found a house in Oklahoma.I’ll vlog on Saturday when we get the key. I think that means we’ll begin being called “Oakies” from what I’ve heard. I… Continue Reading

10 “Pearls Of Wisdom” For Creating Abundance

Hello Mermaid Junkies, How are you? I’ve been thinking about many things lately, but especially with this time of  year, the word abundance or wealth is talked about quite often.  There are numerous things that elude us in this process of manifesting or attracting wealth. After working on some (steps) myself, I discovered what my… Continue Reading

If The Broom Fits, Fly It

I swept up this little treat for you. I actually took the idea from Martha Stewart years ago. She sells the kits @ Michaels, but I like to make my own. It’s also cheaper to make them rather than buy the kits pre-packaged. My kids love to give these to their friends. They’re always a… Continue Reading