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Ship Shape: Organized Medicine Cabinet

Where do you keep your medicine?

I keep our medicine/ supplements in our kitchen. It seems an obvious choice to me.

I have a lack of kitchen space so that’s why my spices are on the right.


Having these little plastic drawers are really space efficient. They work so well with keeping things together, especially when my kids go digging in them to try and find something. If they were just sitting on a shelf, everything would fall all over the place.


I’m huge on Holistic living, and I have so many little glass vile bottles. It’s important to keep them from breaking, so these plastic stackable bins are perfect. I found them at Walmart for $1.99 each.

Some of these labels look lop-sided, but it’s because there is an indention in the center.


I take almost all of the products out of the boxes, so they’ll fit into the drawers, except for the necessary ones that have instructions, and dose sizes that I need.


It looks like a lot of medication, but I swear we aren’t drug addicts. Hehehehe…JK…


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  1. Love the idea. Our new homes cupboards are much smaller and this will save so much space. Off to the store to buy bins. Thanks for the terrific idea.

  2. Great idea! I have a few of these organizing drawers that I’m not using, so I’ll now be using those to organize my medicine!

  3. You have 2 bins for ‘antibiotics’. Seeing your statement that you use as much holistic as you can, what antibiotics do you use that you can store like that? I’m so very curious!

    • Glad I’m not the only one. You do know that meds have an experation date right? I hardly ever keep any prescription for longer then a year. (Between the time they sit on the shelves of the pharmacy and our own shelves that seems a pretty fair time period to consider.). Unless you have like 20 people in your house getting sick at the same time? 😉

  4. I like this idea. For a start, I want to label the ends of all my little boxes that things like benadryl comes in, because I get tired of pulling out 6 boxes to find the right one.

  5. My husband and I don’t have much space in our bedroom. Can you show some pictures of an organize closet and bedrooms? We’re trying to get some ideas and suggestions. Thank you.

  6. I already had these in my bathroom where we have NO DRAWERS (why, homebuilder?!?!?!) in our vanity. I did not think of them as a way to store meds! We have tons of asthma and allergy and skin meds, and they were in two bins, the inhalers won’t hardly fit. We are always running back and forth when we are already running late for school. ACK! You have inspired me! Thank you for sharing your idea which is going to make home a little less crazy.

  7. Toss the antibiotics!!! If you need one, take the entire course, as prescribed. Taking leftover antibiotics is just asking to develop a resistant strain. Bad!!!

  8. You are my new BFF!!!! When I need medicines it always seems to be in the middle of the night. Trying to riffle through my medicine bins makes me crazy. UGHHH.
    Thank you for your brilliantness!!! (is that a word??)

  9. Being a natural remedies person myself, I am guessing the antibiotic bins are for natural antibiotic supplements. Just my goes! 🙂

  10. Homeopathic is NOT the same as holistic…
    Homeopathy is a sham. Holistic medicine is treating the patient as a whole instead of treating the disease alone.
    Prescriptions don’t go”bad”, they just lose their potency over time.

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