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MERMAID JUNKIE ACADEMY is a For-Purpose organization created to inspire love, personal development, as well as foster educational advancements for not only the young but also grown adults throughout the United States. Our academies  “curriculum” is based on the premise of improving the three aspects of our being:

Mind ~ Body~ and Spirit

This could be through the physical enhancements available for the body such as yoga/water yoga and swimming. Or through the mental advancement of the creative arts, i.e. painting, sewing, writing, preparing fresh vegetarian meals through gardening, calligraphy and lastly through the Spiritual growth associated with meditation, self~introspection, or perhaps the experience of being one with the earth whether gardening, or walking in solitude along the sandy shores of the ocean.

It is the objective of Mermaid Junkie Academy that after attending a program/workshop at our settlement, the individual will come to understand, remember and appreciate the person that they were all along, as well as, trust their inner guidance system to help them re-enter their world with a joyful, optimistic, and blissful perspective. Raquel’s dream is to help inspire women and girls to create a life they LOVE.

100% of online donations go to

Mermaid Junkie Academy programs.

The Mermaid Junkie Academy is a 501 (c) (3) Certified Organization in the states of California and Florida.

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