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What The Water Did To Her…

I’ve been away for a time, I had some sorting out to do with my life. I won’t bore you with the details, but here’s a little recap for you, my readers that have been asking. I’ll leave you with several pieces of poetry that helped me while navigating through my whirlpool. I love you Mermaid Junkies…

what the water did to her

We don’t need a reason to feel good. When we rely on surrounding conditions to make us feel good we will always expect joy to come from someone or something other than ourselves.

Law of attraction and manifesting what we want in life is all about finding the joy without the condition.


We create our own reality. What we choose to focus on increases. Our universe is non-inclusive. If we focus on what we don’t want, we get more of that. If we focus on what we do want we get more of that.
We get what we place our focus upon.

I’ve gone through a divorce, but know that if I chose to focus on the positive aspects of my ex-husband and the way I projected the outcome to be, it would be. I manifested a beautfiful seperating. I also know that in life we never really leave a relationship, we just move away into one that appears differently than previously had been.

I’m not a blogger that is going to talk about all the gritty details of how things came about. I choose to look at the reality I have created that is lovely. I have long chose to focus solely on the positive aspects of each life experience. It has and continues to serve me well.

I did struggle many days but feel that I came out quite resilient when it all came down to it.
I can say, I’m very proud of myself. I love myself and making myself happy has been the single most important lesson I’ve learned thus far in my journey.

This journey isn’t complete and I’m thrilled it’s not, nor ever will be. I enjoy the contrast. I like mixing it up.

On days when my soul felt abandoned I lingured in a mist of delusions.

So i wrote…

I write you this poetry
on a piece of dyed parchment
In the shape of a letter
with crimson sealed wax.

I write you this poetry
so that on rainy days
You can pull it out
and shelter yourself
with the words.

It’s still and quiet
within these four unpigmented walls
a shadow upon the ceiling
this is your home
I’m creating cavities
that beget my scent
so when you open my letters
my skins flavor will impregnate
your souls desire for me.

rehearse my name, let my rhymes
burn a hole into your chest
flirt with my words
you’re going to be alright with me
I’ll keep you so busy looking into my eyes
that you’ll forget to look inside yourself
to find the right answers.

I write you this poetry
for if I ever desert you
you will have a remembrance
of this house I built for you,
you abandoned my soul
room by room.

foundations built upon shores
of secrecy will thwart
use these words to patch
up your wounded holes.
for I
will no longer be there
when you try to cover up your
liquid tears that rest upon
your chestnut eyelashes.
-Raquel English


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