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What’s Been Bubbling Up

Hello there my dearest friends,
I hope the days have found you well and you are enjoying the change of seasons that are transpiring about.
I most assuredly adore the fall season. So many beautiful things to look upon and appreciate.
Before I get going along, you may want to go get a lovely cup of tea and cookies before you settle in to read this post. Here’s mine.

image2I have lots to talk with you about. So, I’ll wait until you come back.

Okay, are we ready now?

First, I wanted to tell you how excited I am about the happenings at “The English Settlement”. I had numerous responses in regards to what the non-profit is exactly and how to participate. That’s so sweet and lovely sentiments from you. Thank you sincerely. It means oodles to me.

I thought I’d share the link to the page describing what the mission statement is and what the foundation is about exactly since several of you asked. So here’s the link The English Settlement

I think it’ll be helpful to many of you. Also some exciting new details about our very first Women’s Retreat theme, “Follow Your Heart.” It will be this November 3-7 2015 at Chinsegut Hill Retreat in Central Florida. Dot your calendars. Here’s the location! Isn’t it beyond words!?


Some of you may be wondering; “Well, where in the world is The English Settlement?” I’ll tell ya, my dearies.

I’m sort of all over for the time being, actually living a sort of gypsy lifestyle at the moment (I always knew I was a gypsy) teehee. Basically lots of travel right now.

The mansion for the foundation is in California however curatorship takes a little time. So in the process of the paperwork and all the details (which can be extensive) I’ve decided to start the programs, workshops and curriculum where I am right now.

Here’s the mansion in California.


I’m also going to be traveling to a few states and have workshops as well as Mermaid Junkie Academy in the summer of 2016. All of you darlings with young daughters will jump waves of excitement when they see what the academy is about. I’ll be placing a schedule up for the rest of this year and some of next year within the next few weeks.

Keep your fishy eyes out for that. Perhaps, I’ll get to see some of you at a workshop or two. My curriculums for all the classes are a delight, but so I don’t ruin the excitement and anticipation I will keep that for your discoveries at the attendance of the workshops. If you want details about the retreat in Florida swim on over to the side bar and float around a bit. Then you can tell all your merfriends about the fun treasures that await them.

This week I spent the better part of it working at scouting locations for lovely tranquil spots to have the retreats and workshops at. I feel very connected to the aspect of having inspirational locations where each of us can more easily get into alignment with our inner guidance system. An atmosphere is very important for learning, remembering and having wonderful life experiences. I think I’ve found some lovely places.

Here are a few places I’ve looked at this week.

Apothecary Garden



One of the largest Drugstore museums in the country. It was sheer delight spending time here.


A little Bed and Breakfast.

IMG_0948Well, I’m off to spend the rest of the day painting illustrations for my book. I’m also working on some adorable products that will be up for sale on the website very soon. They are created to accompany the curriculums for the workshop classes. I’ve also made some darling supplies for your enjoyment. I’m excited to show you.

I am so looking forward to seeing each one of you at the retreat in November! We will have waves of laughter, joy, and peace.

As always…

yours ’til my next swim,

Love Raquel


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  1. Raquel,
    Hi there!!! I am interested in more info regarding the retreat in Orlando. Please send ASAP.. as I am interested, but need to know price info etc.
    I love your website!
    I hope to See ya soon!

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